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Now Create Fast High-Quality And Affordable Native Mobile Apps For a $1.8 Trillion Industry Using Patent-Pending Technology 100% HandsFree Warning: What You Are About To Witness Might Simply Blow Off All Your Excuses For Not Making Money Online Easiest Cloud-based Native Mobile App Creation Platform. Comes with a simple drag and drop builder. No previous technical knowledge required. Create apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Offer App Development as a professional service with the fastest and bug-free delivery. Works for any niche. Click here to get Instant Access. To the World's #1 Mobile App Creation Suite Three Simple Steps To Become a Local Business Super Hero (Tights and Cape NOT Required) Step 1 Choose the desired design for your Mobile App. Choose format, colors, text as per your brand identity. Step 2 Choose the workflow of the app, functions, add-ons and other technical features. And… without writing or even having a look at any complicated code. Step 3 Publish your app directly on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Make your App easily available for iOS and Android users by directly publishing the app on Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Let’s Get Something Straight Mobile Apps are NOT the future They are the PRESENT and are here to stay. With 105 Billion App Downloads in 2018 Alone, Mobile App Industry is already the Next BIG THING. Ask yourself a question. When was the last time you received a marketing eMail or Survey call and took action based on whatever the email or call wanted you to? I can’t even remember. However, I do remember checking my mobile phone just 5 minutes ago when I received a Push notification from uber. It was as if I WANTED to tap on the screen and rate the driver… And I promise you , I am not the only one. Every Successful Business Already Knows That They NEED Their Own Mobile App So, if YOU or your clients are…local businesses, like Restaurants Hair Salons Yoga Studios Gyms Golf Courses Coaches Retailers Or, Are Service providers of any kind Or, Affiliate Marketers Or may be, eCom Store Owners Public Figures Influencers Doctors Lawyers Or just anyone looking to dominate their market with massive and unmatched online presence, You NEED a Mobile App for your business. Click here to get Instant Access. To the World's #1 Mobile App Creation Suite Hey There! It’s Madhav along with my partner Dr.Sameer! Madhav Dutta Dr. Sameer Joshi You See, In the Last Couple Of Years We’ve Helped Many Small Businesses To Not Only Grow Their Presence Online, But also to Get More Customers Increase Retention Rate, and Make Way More Money Than They Ever Thought Possible! by building and running Mobile Apps for them. In fact, not very long ago, One of our most successful companies used to focus completely on Mobile App Development for clients with big budgets and strong market clout. With Multiple teams of Coders, UX developers and designers working tirelessly to churn out Super Professional, Blazing Fast apps within weeks, we definitely were super proud of the establishment. There’s this ONE thing that kept bothering me all the time though. You see, being this tech-savvy problem solver that I am, with the obsession of trying and automating almost everything that could possibly be automated, I used to wonder if it will ever be possible to automate this whole process of Designing and Deploying a high end, Blazing Fast and Professional Mobile App The very idea sounded so extreme, I used to shy away from even sharing it with anybody until I met my friend and partner Dr. Sameer in Dublin. You see, there are a few platforms around that claim to be able to create Mobile Apps for businesses, but after checking out all there was to check out, the NEED for something REALLY sturdy and professional felt even MORE. After all “Automation is cost-cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.” It was not easy, but we brainstormed and finally decided to invest a significant amount of time and money into our Dream Project! It made sense.. Why Mobile Apps Are Important Users All Over The World Simply Prefer Mobile Apps Over Websites and here are just a Few Reasons Why! Reasons why users prefer mobile apps over websites in retail 63% It’s More Convenient 57% It's Faster 40% My Settings are stored 31% Benefits/Rewards for using IT 21% There is more personalized content 20% I can find better deals 14% I can do more of the things i want 5% It is more entertaining 2% Others 300K Apps Downloaded 2018 Number of Apps Downloaded in 2018 1.3 Billion Number of Apps Downloaded each month is 1.3 Billion They are the PRESENT and are here to stay. Traffic and User engagement is lifeline of any business, and as we know, without proper user engagement, businesses suffer and die a slow and painful death. 90% of Businesses Are Wiped Out Within a Year Due To Lack of Traffic and Poor Customer Retention With the high popularity of mobile Apps businesses know that having a Mobile App is simply the Mandate if they want to survive. Times are changing and so is Digital Marketing World. One thing that never changes though, is the need to have a healthy flux of customers in your business and more importantly, retaining them and making them take action. In other words, if you have a business, YOU MUST have an excellent customer interaction and retention rate. Marketing eMails, Blogs, vLogs, Social Media and many other ways were practically invented and used to fulfill this need. We still use them all. However, the Not So New Kid on the Block takes the HotShot of the Era Prize! Mobile Apps It’s imperative that businesses MUST stay in touch with their prospects and customers to get high user engagement and gain trust as prominent brands. That’s the reason why BIG Dogs like Amazon, uBer, Deliveroo, Zomato and more have their own Apps. Just One Tiny But EXTREMELY Powerful Feature Makes Mobile Apps So AWESOME!! Push Notifications! PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Are Being Used By Successful Businesses and Users LIKE and Respond to them readily! Push notifications allow you to deliver messages to the user's home screen. It's like an SMS message, but coming from an app instead of your mom. Traditionally, push notifications were solely text (or emojis!), but now, rich push notifications let mobile marketers include text as well as images, video, and sound. Push notifications can considerably enhance your customer experience. They're less intrusive than other forms of user engagement and can effectively drive traffic and help users by providing useful information. They allow your users to keep up with the latest updates, promotions, and offers Text Ads are Dead. The moment we see one, our brain just classifies it as a SPAM automatically. Where as Push Notifications are actually LOVED by Users. Businesses that run push notifications have 3x higher retention 88% better app engagement 50% of app user find mobile push notifications helpful Android users open 3.10% of push notifications compared to 2.38% for iOS users Every business NEEDS a Mobile App. Top Companies are investing heavily into App Development and they KNOW that it’s worth it. Click here to get Instant Access. To the World's #1 Mobile App Creation Suite After all, Higher Customer Retention and Loyalty is the Name of the Game here! Small companies, Startups and other small businesses on the other hand are left behind because they simply can’t afford to pay Tens of Thousands of Dollars to get their own “Native Mobile App” Created. The Word “Native Mobile App” here being of Paramount importance. So What on Earth Are These Native Apps? Native apps work on the device’s operating system. In simpler terms, native apps require complete access to all the hardware and functionality of a device and live on a device. This in turn allows them these unmatched benefits over other type of mobile Apps. Native Apps Offer Speed Because native apps are native to the platform, they work faster Native Apps Work Offline Native apps work even if there is no internet connectivity Native Apps Provide a Recognizable Look and Feel Native applications are a nuanced version of their device’s default apps. This, in turn, allows the app to load and render information very quickly, making it look and function extremely smooth and fast! But there’s a Problem! Building a high Quality, Professional Native App Costs Thousands of Dollars! …. anywhere between $5,000- $25,000 and can take 12 Weeks to even months We found that the biggest reason for a business to NOT have a mobile app is simply the cost and turn-around time that requires to build it or get it built, which could be weeks and even months. Over 70% Local Business Owners Said That They Need A Mobile App but Most of them simply can’t afford it. “Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.” But if you are like Millions of Small business owners out there, you were terrified by the price tag and the turn around time of getting one custom built for you, let alone thinking of offering that as a service to local businesses without a massive team with NASA level expertise and a Boatload of Cash to invest on (Read “Spend On” if you never ran a huge business before) But luckily for you, it’s not a problem anymore! In fact, it’s quite opposite to that. It’s a Goldmine of Opportunities for you. That’s right! Today...Right Now, You Are About To Be Handed a Key To This Very Goldmine that I am Talking About. An offer you MUST NOT refuse, if for nothing but for the sake of your business! Remember I told You About How We Were Able To Increase Our Profit 10x by Actually Investing 1/10th Time and Money on Developing Apps? Here’s how it happened! After creating hundreds of Apps for our clients and managing huge teams of coders, we decided to do an experiment. We wanted to see if it is even possible to actually create a platform that could replace 3-4 of our coders but still deliver the same, if not better results, in a shorter period of time? I mean we could sure use that time and resources to diversify our own business and increase productivity...right? Click here to get Instant Access. To the World's #1 Mobile App Creation Suite Guess what? After almost 2 years of rigorous Coding, Designing, Testing and Debugging, We Did It! The Results Were NOT What We Expected! They Were MUCH BETTER Than That! We Created a Robust, Never-Seen-Before Platform which would go on to churn out hundreds of Apps for our clients in Practically No Time compared to the traditional way of building an App. Oh and Get This… Every Single App Created using our platform was Super Fast Absolutely Bug-Free Worked Seamlessly on any platform our clients preferred and Most Importantly, Served the very purpose of having an App… MORE Business for our clients and ourselves. Presenting Our State of The Art, Completely Cloud Based Mobile Apps Creation Platform! Just Take a Look At The Features We Have Inside AppsKitPro That Simply Blows The “So Called” Competition Out of The Waters! Action Points Give you the ability to reward your clients based on actions they perform, for example if they complete their profile, like your social media pages, on their birthday, or even just for downloading your app. Coupons You are able to set up coupons for a single or multiple business that are trackable with redemption statistics. Add valid dates, maximum number of redemptions and complete contact details of each business along with their offers. GPS Coupon This feature allows you to setup a coupon that can only be seen by your customers when they are within a pre-set distance from your business. You can setup daily, weekly or monthly coupons, and users are encouraged to frequent your location to be able to view what this coupon may be. This is a great tool to generate foot traffic to your locations. Dollar Rewards Your users can see a full chronological history of their rewards of their LTV, including rewards earned, used and transferred in or out. This system is based on transactional value – you are able to award a percentage of transaction spend as a reward – example: 5% on a $100 would be $5.] Points Rewards Allows you to set up a points-based system and reward customers xx of points per dollar spent. You can setup tangible items and associate a point value to them for your users to spend their points balance. For Example, you can have a) Ice Cream à 50 points b) Cola à 75 points c) sandwich à 100 points … when users Submit Receipt This tab is required to give users the ability to add and upload receipts. Once a receipt is added you will receive an email asking you to validate the receipt. The system will not let you validate the same receipt more than once, to prevent fraudulent issuance of rewards. Punch Card A digital punch card. It replaces the familiar “Buy 9 get one for free” paper punch/stamp card. It drives new customers into your point of sale through your customer's social media networks. All Punch Cards store the number of times that the card has been redeemed. Referral Rewards Allow your users to be rewarded for referring you business from their personal networks, the system is setup so that the referral rewards are only credited once the person being referred makes a purchase at your business Reward Levels If your Loyalty Program has different levels, users can select this tab to view at what level they are, and to see how far they are away from the next level. Scratch & Win This module allows you to include gamification in your apps…where users can scratch off cards in the app to win prizes – just like lottery tickets. VIP Rewards Are spend based rewards similar to our Dollar Based rewards, except that this allows you to reward customers and ensure that they shop consistently as these rewards are based on spend values over the course of a calendar year resetting every January 1. Click here to get Instant Access. To the World's #1 Mobile App Creation Suite The Potential With AppsKit Pro is Virtually UNLIMITED! Appointment Booking Great for Salons, Spas or any business that sets appointments with their clients. Full booking system for Multiple employees and services – PayPal integration – get paid right through the app. Time Slot Booking This module allows you to create booking calendars that will accept multiple bookings per time slot. Perfect for Gyms where they set up classes that can accommodate 30 people per time slot, minimum and maximum users can be set. Container Apps You now have the ability to create apps within apps. Whether they are for a franchise or for an app that has multiple merchants. You can have 1 App with 10, 20, 50 or even 1000 apps inside. Think of the possibilities – and what it would cost you to develop, now you can do it virtually for free! Car/Taxi Booking Provides a simple, step-by-step booking process and an intuitive backend administration with password-secured access. You can adjust the cab booking script according to your specific needs. This online taxi booking system is a great asset for all taxi service providers who have a site but no booking functionality yet. Employee Schedules You are able to provide a fully functioning online employee scheduling system at no charge. Employees can be notified by Push notification and Email about their weekly schedules and will have the ability to always have their schedules on them. Food Ordering System A Complete online food ordering system that allows restaurants to create visually appealing Categories, and Menu items to be ordered right through the app. PayPal integration allows you to be paid immediately on an order. Also integrates with your website Gift Cards Let your customers buy gift cards/certificates for your services & products directly on your website. Use your app for in-store gift card validation & redemption. It's super simple and you can use any device; your mobile, iPad or PC/Mac. Home Screen Enables you to set home screen images from within the Outlet Admin Dashboard. Gives you the ability to change all of the images on the home screen of the app. Patent Pending Technology gives you the most Flexible System in the World to create a mobile app. Points Rewards Setup a points-based system and reward customers xx of points per dollar spent. You can setup tangible items and associate a point value to them for your users to spend their points balance such as a) Ice Cream à 50 points b) Cola à 75 points c) sandwich à 100 points Dollar Rewards Your users can see a full chronological history of their rewards of their LTV, including rewards earned, used and transferred in or out. This system is based on transactional value – you are able to award a percentage of transaction spend as a reward Shopping Cart A full-fledged Shopping Cart is integrated and has an easy administration page providing full control over product pages, orders and invoicing. This is perfect for eCom stores, local businesses and anyone selling their digital, physical or info products through their app. Smart Reviews Allows you to canvas your users for online reviews, you are able to incentivize them with reward points, but the magic is that our system will filter your reviews only allowing positive reviews to be posted to your online sites like Yelp Facebook or Google Container app Create and host thousands of apps in one app. Each app is independent of each other but all of them can be designed to be similar in design and functionality. Perfect for franchises and business groups. Form Builder Allows you to create forms to not just gather leads but also with several features that include the ability to send images, voice recordings and even the devices' location from directly within the form with a super-intuitive interface. Clientele Feature Ability to connect with your clients without them downloading your app, create automated follow ups, client-based tasks, and send text messages including images and video to your clients. Increase sales per associate with automation Each sales associate can manage more clients than before by automating workflows, notes and reminders. Never forget a customer with follow-ups and life events Automated reminders help your sales team reach out when you customer is most likely to buy. Event Ticketing Via the ticket booking system admins can add and edit events, create different types of tickets for each event, upload a seat map, keep track of event tickets sold and available, etc. enable you to list and promote countless events, add multiple ticket types (paid, donation, free, early bird, etc.), upload seat maps, manage bookings, and process various offline & online payments. What’s more - administrators can personalize and issue invoices, create PDF tickets, launch promo codes, and use the built-in barcode reader. Fan Page Exactly what it sounds like, this enables users to post comments of your business. A user would simply hit the + sign at the top of the screen and enter their Name and email, and post their comments. Once posted you will receive an email notification asking you to approve the message. All messages must be approved before they are live for other users to view. Hotel Booking Module Great for Hotels or Motels, provides a fully functioning room booking service, and our system is highly customizable for maximum flexibility. A powerful room booking and reservation management functionality and allows you to install a clear call-to-action tool on your hotel app or website which will impact conversions and increase bookings. Our room booking system is highly customizable. Reservations A reservation booking system is a convenient self-service booking system that can integrate with your existing website where you can customize the entire booking process. With the restaurant reservation system, you can customize the booking process, enable people to book a table through your app or website, manage restaurant availability, and reservations. Shopping Cart Shopping cart has an easy administration page providing full control over product pages, orders and invoicing. With our responsive e-commerce script, you will have your online store completely optimized across a wide range of end-user devices and screen resolutions. The Shopping Cart script has a lucid interface and helps you customize users' shopping experience and convert them into buyers. Image Gallery You can add images of any products to a gallery tab in the app. Each of these images can be shared by your customers, and you can automatically reward them for doing so. This gives your customers the ability to take your business viral. Smart Reviews Allow you to canvas your users for online reviews, you are able to incentivize them with reward points, but the magic is that our system will filter your reviews only allowing positive reviews to be posted to your online sites like Yelp Facebook or Google. Poor reviews are sent to admins who are then able to follow up with the client. Social Media By activating this tab, you can place all of your existing Social Media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others in one easy to access place. You are also able to incentivize your customers for visiting and liking your Social Media pages. The Queue The Queue is a proprietary feature that enables users to “get in line” directly through the app and be notified when their table/stylist is ready. Users are able to see their place in line and approximate wait time. Yellow Pages Create your own local business directory using a simple still powerful Yellow Pages Script. Add countless categories and companies. Let businesses submit their own listings - both free and fee-based. A friendly UI helps admins create unlimited categories and business listings, pin addresses on a Google Map and even monetize their directory. Websites The Website Tab allows you to add all your digital assets directly inside the app. You can even group similar websites to be displayed together. Tip Calculator A feature to Calculate tips that includes the ability to spit the tab between multiple users on the same bill. Simply Put, AppsKitPro is NOTHING Like You Have Experienced Before But Don’t Take Our Word for It, Here’s What People Are Saying About……

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