How to Bulk Email from a Personal Gmail Account!!

hey what's going on everybody its Brendon here and I know that you've heard the expression before that the money is in the list and it's probably the easiest way to make money online why because if you have an email list all you need to do is write up a quick email press the send button and you can make lots of money now in this video I'm going to show you a better solution for people that are just getting started out where you're pretty much gonna get a hundred percent in boxing you're gonna be able to send directly from your gmail account and you'll be able to send two thousand emails per day for almost free okay it's gonna be super powerful for people that are starting to they'll want to start making some big money just with simple email marketing now if you take a look at my a Weber account right now which is what I use the reason why I use Aweber is because I have fifty six thousand eight hundred and twenty one email subscribers and the solution that I'm sharing with you today is something that you can use up to two thousand

emails or two thousand subscribers per day so that's what makes it a great solution to start making cash and why somebody like myself with more leads is gonna have a challenge with it now although I'm able to send to more people if we take a look at my numbers here you can see that my emails you know they get a five percent open rate 1.15 percent click rate and the inboxing is probably not all that fantastic when you're sending from your gmail account your open rates are gonna be higher your click rates are gonna be higher and you're gonna be making more money unless people and that's why this is kind of cool now these are two emails that I sent out yesterday the first one 567 clicks the other one was 237 clicks if we go inside of my warrior Plus account you can see that yesterday I generated nine hundred sixty five dollars on my campaign and that spilled over to one hundred and thirty seven today so a little over a thousand dollars that I generated just by pressing send twice

inside of my autoresponder now what I'm going to show you today is something called gmass now if you go to GMs in your google search click on gmass you are going to see that you can add GMS to your gmail account and you can actually add it for free ok very cool you can add this for free to your Gmail but you are gonna actually end up paying a little bit of money I hate to burst your bubble it's not gonna cost that much but with the free version you can only bulk send out to ten people at one time and we know that if you want to make money with email marketing it's a bit of a numbers game you're gonna want to send more than just ten people with the G suite version which I'm going to show you in a second you can send to 2,000 people per day so what's your new account is very simple how this works you're just gonna compose a message as you normally would once you send it right up your message you just click on

the gmask button and boom you can bulk send this out to all of your people all in one go now here is the only part that you need to know about gmass to get this running other than just what i just showed you and it's very simple but this is how you get your leads to send through your GMS you just go to your Google Drive ok Google Drive and again a Google Drive is a free account so is a hundred percent of free account a lot of you guys have a gmail account already if you don't I'm gonna leave a link in the video description below and same with Google Drive it's a hundred percent free and it uses the same account as your Gmail it's all your one Google account is gonna get you access to all these things so you don't even need to set up a separate account for your Google Drive automatically by having a gmail account you automatically have a Google Drive account now when you go in to your Google Drive all you need

to do is click on this new button here on the on the top left and when you click on that new button you click on Google sheets this is gonna allow you to create a new Google sheets ok now this is where you put your leads so if you have email leads from someone else from people who have downloaded something for you for free you have customers you have anywhere that you have leads you can just copy your leads and paste them into this Google sheet and give this Google sheet and a name so I'll put gmass leads to because I already created the first one already now if I put so I need to do is put first name last name and email so now I would just load this up it's very simple if I was gonna do this manually I would just type it in like Brendan mace and Brendan mace at and then of course if I had leads somewhere else like like I do I have thousands upon thousands of leads I just copy those

leads those emails and paste them in here all at once so you can paste in hundreds of leads thousands of leads however many leads you have you can paste them right into this spreadsheet so I could continue here and I do Jenny from the block and I'll put this in here Jenny block at and I'll put one more Peter Piper sounds good to me Peter Piper I'll put that in as well Peter Piper at sweet okay so we're in there she gmass leads to I created that simply in my Google Drive account now all I would do is at the top middle of my gmail account you're gonna see this button right here it looks like a spreadsheet and when you hover over it it says connect to an email list in a Google Doc spreadsheet so I'm gonna click that you know a spectrum that's gonna load up I select the spreadsheet I